Social Media Marketing Boise

Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media for Boise, IdahoWhat once started as a small website for college student interaction has now turned into a cultural marketing phenomenon. Facebook currently has 350 million active users and contains over 700,00 local business pages. Businesses are beginning to tap into the large audience of Facebook users by carefully targeting specific markets to promote products or services. Social Media marketing is changing the way consumers hear about and discuss movies, music, products, and services, often times creating a 'buzz' or trend overnight. Facebook is not the only Social web portal generating sunstantial traffic. YouTube is one of the top visited sites across the globe and the use of online videos is growing rapibly with the increase in technology. 56 Media Group can connect your business or organization to the huge Social Media market.

Facebook Services:

Facebook is the largest Social Networking portal with the greatest potential to reach very specific markets. A Facebook profile and business group with thousands of friends can reach a huge audience of potential clients. Facebook Social Media Marketing Services for Businesses or Organizations
  • Account Setup
  • Profile Creation
  • Group construction
  • Profile Friend Adds
  • Group Member Adds
  • Business Page Creation

Twitter Services:

Twitter has become a popular place to express quick thoughts or ideas in clear and concise messages known as 'Tweets'. A Twitter profile with hundreds of 'friends' can reach a large audience and these 'Tweets' are often read and recorded by Google. Posting links to a website on Twitter can generate traffic to a site and build excitement about a product or service. Our services include:
  • Account Setup
  • Page Design
  • Profile Creation
  • Profile Follower Adds
  • Automate postings to hundreds of Twitter accounts to gain enormous visibility

YouTube Services:

YouTube is the fourth highest visited site on the web with video growing in popularity. YouTube is currently the most popular video site on the web, but there are hundreds of free video hosting sites that also generate a substantial amount of visibility. With the web moving in the direction of video and online television, now is the time for businesses to generate online media and capture this growing market.
  • Video Creation
  • YouTube Account Setup
  • Increased video views and comments/ratings for top ranking
  • Submission of video to 50 top video hosting websites

Blog Services:

Blogs are a great addition to most websites as they can add additional traffic stream. Search engines rank Blogs that are updated often and have focused content. Blogs give a great opportunity to push products or services, provide links to websites, and they are easy to add content and make updates.
  • Blog Creation
  • Automatic Targeted content additions
  • RSS feeds, Pinging, and Blog ranking
  • Blog Hosting

Web 2.0 Services:

Social marketing TrendsWeb 2.0 allows businesses to setup free mini sites with targeted content. These become a great opportunity to make products or services visible to a larger audience with a fraction of the cost of a website. These become great tools for building a higher search engine ranking for a main webpage and can serve as doorway or landing pages for targeted keywords. Have you ever heard of Digg, Furl, Xanga, Propeller, Tumblr or Furl? Ask us about how these websites can help grow your business.
  • Setting up Web 2.0 properties based on targeted keywords
  • Content creation for each Web 2.0 property
  • Marketing each Web 2.0 site
  • Monetizing each site