Search Engine Ranking

Search Engine Marketing and Traffic Generation

Ranking websites on search enginesGoogle drives 70% of traffic to most websites. When marketing a website, our central focus is achieving top rankings in the Google search engine to drive the most amount of targeted traffic possible. The techniques used to acquire high Google rankings will also help to boost rankings in Yahoo, MSN Properties (MSN/ Windows Live/ Bing), and in smaller search engines. A top listing on search engines can increase sales and site traffic by pulling in consumers who are ready to purchase your product or service. The top 5 listings in a search engine results page gain 80% to 90% of the traffic. Attracting visitors to your site through top search engine ranking is crucial to a website's success and generating increased revenue online. Google ranks websites by looking at two major factors. Onsite Attributes: The text on your website, placement of keywords in titles and headers, interior linking between pages, keywords in the URL, age of site, etc... Onsite attributes account for approximately 30% of your ranking. Offsite Attributes: The other 70% of a Google ranking is determined by things taking place outside of a website. Google ultimately ranks websites by popularity and it determines how popular a website is by the number of links other sites have leading to it. The idea behind this is that if a website has good content, a valuable product/service, and provides quality information, other sites will link to it as a resource. Simply put, the more incoming links a website has, the higher it ranks.

Top Search Engine Ranking

Search Engine MarketingBuilding quality incoming links to a website is the only way to achieve top rankings in Google. The site with the most amount of links coming from quality websites will rank the highest. Our marketing plan entails building links in a safe and targeted method to acquire optimal Google link value. A steady process of acquiring new links each month is required for a website to climb higher in rankings. The number of links needed to acquire a top position is dependent upon how many links your competitors have leading to their web sites. The goal is to continue building links until the number of links built surpasses that of your top competitor.
The crucial part of link building is to create a steady flow of new links. Too many links created all at once will result in Google penalties so we carefully keep track of the number of links added each month to maintain a natural level of growth. 1. Each month your website will have hundreds of links built pointing to it. 2. Each month you will receive a report outlining the increase in ranking for the agreed-upon keywords to be marketed. 3. There is a 6 month minimum requirement in order for Google to recognize the links being built, make adjustments to a sites ranking, and begin to establish higher placement on search engines. Typically, within 3 weeks from the start of the campaign, a site will begin to climb in rankings. Contact us today to learn how a link building campaign can put your website at the top of search engines.