Press Release Marketing

PR Marketing and Branding

Press RelasesPress Release Marketing is not just for newspapers anymore. The distribution of noteworthy information about a business or product can reach a large audience online. The broadcasting of your business news will not only build brand exposure but popularity for your website. The more popular your website is, the higher your web site will rank in search engines. Press releases can be picked up and posted by websites, blogs, message boards, email, and social media sites, spreading your message and links across the web.

Has your business done anything noteworthy lately?

  • Opened a new store
  • Have you hired a new key employee
  • Offered a sale or online deal
  • Moved to a new location
  • Brought a new product to market
  • Sponsoring an event or made a donation to a charity
Public RelationsNot only is Press Release Marketing an inexpensive marketing initiative but it drives considerable targeted traffic to a website. Build credibility for your business and web site with a Press Release Marketing campaign and take advantage of this high impact marketing technique. Attract a targeted online audience and build rapport through Press Release Marketing.